A Thought Process on Teeth Whitening

Patients of all ages come in on at least a weekly basis asking about teeth bleaching or whitening.   They want the “inside scoop” on how to improve their smile.  Do over-the-counter stuff work just as well?  Does one really have to buy it from a dentist for... read more

Dental Differences for Down’s

Was graciously asked to speak to parents of Down’s Syndrome children at a Gigi’s Playhouse Chicago location last week. Interestingly, the parents all had completely different Down’s Syndrome children, ranging from a 5 year old boy needing a feeding tube because his... read more

Recliner Dentistry: Have a Dentist Come to You

DENTAL WORK CAN BE DONE IN THE COMFORT OF YOUR OWN HOME A dental office can sometimes be impossible to navigate around in.  And, sometimes, a dental office can be impossible to get to!  Good news, however:  did you know you can get your teeth professionally cleaned by... read more

Mouthguards are not just for grinding anymore….

The first dental guards I learned about in dental school were hideous.  They were these big, bulky, clunky horseshoe-shaped pieces of plastic; and they made it impossible to close your lips around.  Women hated them because they made them gag.  Men hated them because... read more

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