Smile MakeOver

What is it?

A non-invasive alternative to help reduce wrinkles and, through the length/width/shape of your new teeth, give the appearance of youth.

What We Will Do

The dentist and patient together will design the smile according to the patient’s face shape. For example, people with rounded faces would benefit from slimmer, more defined tooth shapes; square, masculine faces can be made to look more feminine by rounding off sharp edges and altering line angles.









  • Health benefits associated with this procedure include the fact that properly aligned teeth do not wear down as quickly. There is less stress placed on teeth that come together correctly, thereby reducing the possibility of grinding or clenching teeth. This reduces jaw and facial muscle strain, therefore reducing or eliminating pain. Also, teeth are easier to clean, gums are healthier and therefore less risk of decay and infections.
  • Psychological benefits include a resurgence of self-confidence, an improvement of self-image, and a general self-satisfaction of their new happier and healthier smiles

Designing Your Smile

For Seniors and Special Needs Patients

Every patient is unique and so is every smile. Our philosophy is to enhance the beauty and not create an artificial look.

We have the ability to design a smile by replacing missing teeth, eliminating gaps, correcting crooked teeth, whitening stained teeth, diminishing the appearance of wrinkles and making you look younger.

When it comes to the pursuit of youth and natural beauty, cosmetic dentistry should be a prime consideration. When designing your new smile, our team will work with you to select the most appropriate treatments and explain in full the procedures and benefits you can expect.

Smile Analysis

  • Are you satisfied with the appearance of your teeth and smile?
  • Do you ever turn your face when smiling or hold your hand up in front of your mouth when talking to others, especially those you are not close with?
  • Have you found yourself looking at other people with beautiful smiles and wishing you had a similar one?
  • Are you embarrassed to visit a dentist due to the condition of your teeth and the length of time since your last visit to a dentist?
  • When taking pictures, do you tend to smile with closed lips?
  • Have you ever held back a laugh due to being uncomfortable about your smile?
  • Do you feel a more alluring smile will increase your inner confidence or boost your self-esteem?
  • What would you like to change about your smile?

Teeth Whitening

What is it?

This is an exciting product that can whiten teeth by up to ten shades in just one session! Results do vary due to factors such as tooth density, tooth porosity and lifestyle habits such as smoking, coffee and tea.

What We Do

A gel is applied to the teeth, and after about an hour your smile will be at its brightest!

The active ingredient is hydrogen peroxide used in dentistry for over 100 years.

Joyful Dental Care can also fabricate custom-made whitening trays. They are designed for patients to fit snugly. This means that the take-home gel is sealed in and saliva is sealed out, making this system just as effective. The trays are worn every day for an hour for up to two weeks, which creates a gradual yet noticeable whitening effect. Not all results are the same, since lifestyle habits can vary the brightness.

Crowns, Veneers, Bonding

The actual color of cosmetic work will not change, but topical stains in the front and back of the restorations will be removed effectively.


The whitening gel formula for both types of procedures will not harm the enamel on your teeth nor any existing restorations. In some cases slight cold hypersensitivity is noticed the first couple of days.

Whitening for Life

Visit Joyful Dental Care for a dental cleaning, complete exam and any necessary digital x-rays. We will send you home with a take-home whitening kit at no additional charge! Come back for two consecutive six-month check-ups. At your one-year anniversary, your tooth whitening material will be replenished for another year.

When you give us the opportunity to regularly care for your smile, together we can ensure it stays healthy and bright at the same time.

As long as you continue your six-month exam and cleanings, you will receive the annual tooth whitening material FREE.

Porcelain Laminate Veneers

What are Veneers?

Veneers are very thin shells of ceramic (porcelain) or a composite resin material, which are bonded to the front of teeth. Veneers are placed to mask discolorations, to brighten teeth and to improve a smile.

They were originally created as an alternative to orthodontics for adults who didn’t have straight teeth and didn’t want to go through long-term braces. This procedure requires little or no anesthesia and can be the ideal choice for quickly improving the appearance of the front teeth.

Why a veneer?

Veneers are an excellent alternative to crowns in many situations. They provide a much more conservative approach to changing a tooth’s color, size or shape. Veneers can mask undesirable defects, such as teeth stained by tetracycline and damage due to an injury or as a result of a root-canal procedure. They are ideal for masking discolored fillings in front teeth. Patients with gaps between their front teeth or teeth that are chipped or worn may consider veneers. Generally, veneers will last for many years, and the technique has shown remarkable longevity when properly performed.

What happens during the procedure?

Patients may need up to three appointments for the entire procedure: diagnosis and treatment planning, preparation and bonding.

It’s critical that you take an active role in the smile design. Spend time in the planning of the smile. Understand the corrective limitations of the procedure. Have more than one consultation, if necessary, to feel comfortable that your dentist understands your objectives.

To prepare the teeth for the veneers, the teeth are lightly buffed to allow for the small added thickness of the veneer. Usually, about half a millimeter of the tooth is removed, which may require a local anesthetic. Composite resin veneers are generally done in one appointment. After the tooth is prepared, the dentist carefully bonds and sculpts the composite material onto your teeth. For ceramic veneers, a mold is taken of the teeth, which is sent to the laboratory for the fabrication of the veneers. This may take several days. If the teeth are too unsightly, a temporary veneer can be placed, at an additional cost.

When your ceramic veneers are ready, the dentist places each veneer on the teeth to check their fit and get a sense of the shade or color. While the veneers are resting on your teeth, view the results, and pay particular attention to the color. At this point, the color of the veneers can still be adjusted with the shade of the cement to be used. The color cannot be altered after veneers are cemented. To apply the veneer, the tooth is cleansed with specific chemicals to achieve a bond. Once a special cement is sandwiched between the veneer and tooth, a light beam hardens the cement.

How about maintenance?

For about a week or two, you will go through a period of adjustment as you get used to your “new” teeth that have changed in size and shape. Brush and floss daily. After one or two weeks, your dentist will ask you to return for a follow-up appointment.

What are realistic expectations?

Veneers are reasonable facsimiles of natural teeth, not perfect replacements. It’s not uncommon to see slight variations in the color of veneers upon close inspection, as this occurs even in natural teeth. Nevertheless, this procedure can greatly enhance your smile and can heighten self-esteem.