Electronic, Ionic, Quip: The Latest in Toothbrush Technology

I have been currently doing research on the difference and efficiency of electric and ionic toothbrushes, so I got stumped by a patient who told me he and his fiance have been using the Quip toothbrush for the past 3 months.  He had not been to a dentist in 5 years,...

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Women’s Oral Health at All Ages

Women's oral health depends on our different stages in life.  For many women, these changes are directly related to surges in sex-hormone levels, such as in puberty, menstruation, pregnancy, lactation and menopause.  Women are also more likely to be diagnosed with TMJ...

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Dr. Joy Poskozim featured on Healing Ties Radio

As the resident dentist of 3 senior care facilities, and an industry leader offering in-home dental care, Dr. Joy Poskozim shares her story with Healing Ties Radio.Host Christopher MacLellan known as "The Bow Tie Guy" interviews Dr. Poskozim for his podcast for the...

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A Thought Process on Teeth Whitening

Patients of all ages come in on at least a weekly basis asking about teeth bleaching or whitening.   They want the “inside scoop” on how to improve their smile.  Do over-the-counter stuff work just as well?  Does one really have to buy it from a dentist for...

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